The Best Way for Campaign Automation
We here at Affise see CPAPI as our response to the challenges CPA marketers face today. Precision-driven automation. Ultimate ease of use. Built with maximizing your profits in mind. This is CPAPI. Find out why it is right for you by checking out the advantages right here below.

Easy two-way communication

Add affiliate programs, sync data, stop and start offers. All of that takes literally a couple of clicks and only a tiny bit of your valuable time. Compatibility concerns? Having to hire coders? It’s so easy to forget about these things now.


Rebrokering, reinvented

Grab as many offers from partners as you like in just a few clicks. Specify your margin and rebrokering parameters, and you are done. Analysing and moving offers manually? You do not have to do this anymore.


The power of automation

Create automated triggers that take the human factor out of the equation and maximize your KPI. Take advantage of our faster, more scalable system. Let the system test an offer with multiple partners and tell you which one makes you more money. Focus on the important things while CPAPI does the rest.


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